Run, jump, and get to the exit in this highly addictive platformer.  N++ is the sequel of the N+ that was available on the PlayStation 4 in 2015.  The game is all about platforming, timing and getting to the exit without being obliterated by the many obstacles in the game.

General Gameplay

N++ is a platformer that is all about fast reflexes, faster thumbs and all fun.  The game is a simple concept; you play as a parkour ninja going through the levels, getting the gold pieces and reaching the exit all without getting killed by the many traps in the game.  Game Visuals are very simple, however, the simplicity of the graphics in N++ is a big part of the game’s charm.  With a simple design, the game is mostly focused on the speed of the game and smart, fast strategy.  A simple stick man is your character and the game assets are drawn with clear visuals that can be easily seen.   The colors are very vibrant to see on the screen.  The game does support a colorblind mode for those who are red/green challenged.  Now the game does have a warning about seizures because of the flashing colors in the game (However we will talk about this more in detail in our Family Friendly section). During our play testing we only noticed that the game on larger screens was a little harder to see, however this was a small issue.  There’s really no violence to be concerned about for parents/guardians, as the death animation simply shows the stick figure being blown up into pieces and there is nothing to graphic about it (Also in the options, there is a way to change the blood color to make it even less realistic, even for a stick man). The in-game Audio is done very well.  The soundtrack for the game fits well with the game environment, and is not a distraction to the game – in fact, the soundtrack is quite a pleasure! The in-game sound effects are also done well and fit the gameplay and what is going on in the game.  In our play testing, we did not hear anything that would be offensive to any gaming members in your gaming family.  The game is in 5.1 surround sound; the game’s soundtrack can also be listened to while using a gaming headset, but please use caution with extended use of a gaming headset on long gaming sessions.  The Controls for N++ are very easy to pick up and play.  Controller settings are very easy, and require only a jump button and the left stick to move your character.  N++ does a great job of making the controller and its settings very user friendly.  In our play-testing, none of our gamers had any issues playing the game and it was very easy for them to get right into the action.  Our special needs gamers did not have any issues with the controller or its settings, as it was a perfect balance for them to play the game.  The game does not need any special controller and you should be ok playing the game with the standard controller for your console.

“N++ is a game that requires smart thinking just as much as nimble thumbs, and that delicate balance becomes a gaming masterpiece. “

Family Friendly

One of the many things that makes N++ a fun game for both yourself and your gaming family is that they took a simple concept and made it fun.  It is a simple but very engaging platformer game that does progress in its difficulty, but it is still fun – not punishing – to play.  With many other platformer games, one of the biggest problems is that the difficulty of the game goes up as you get higher with the level progression, and when the level goes up the fun starts to go away as the game may become too hard for some gamers – sometimes even leading to game rage or simply quitting… but not with this title! In N++, when the levels get harder, it only makes you want to finish the level even more, and when you do there is a feeling of accomplishment that you get once you beat the level. Failing a level is never punishing; the game encourages you to retry the level and after that first try, you’ll probably understand the logic and/or timing of the level better. Also, both the multiplayer and co-op in the game are done well, wherein you and your love ones can sit down, play the game together and have lots of fun.  In our special needs play testing, we noticed how much fun our gamers with Autism and Asperger’s had with the game.  They loved the level design and the ability to design their own levels; they had a ball with the level editor and trying out their custom level creations.  This was a big plus as a lot of games do not have their own level editor, and this adds a lot of replay value to the game.  Also, as the game is a platformer, the controls must be very accurate, and they are. In our playtesting we did not hear anyone complain about the controls being too stiff or loose and that they worked just like they needed to for a game like this.  In the game and its trailer there is a warning about the bright colors that will flash and the risk that may pose to gamers prone to seizures. I can say from personally playing the game (and sometimes suffering from this) that there were no issues in this matter; in the options menu you can even turn off any seizure-triggering color flashing.  The game does not have a lot of violence, and the blood that comes out of the stick man is very minimal.  However, if you still want to, you can change or turn off the color of the blood altogether.  N++ is a very family friendly game that is fun to play in solo, co-op and multiplayer modes, and should not be missed!


N++ is one of the simplest but best platformers we’ve reviewed; don’t mistake its simplicity for boring gameplay! This gem of a game is a must-have in your digital library, as all members of the family (especially those with special needs) will have a blast, whether you’re playing alone or with friends or family. We were impressed not only with the game itself, but also with how well our special needs game testers responded to the game. It was an all-around hit, and we’re hard-pressed to find any complaints about any aspect of the game. Like we mentioned before, even the simplicity of the graphics adds to the charm of the game… our testers thought the little stickman ninja was “cute” and “hilarious”, but he is not to be underestimated! This game isn’t just about moving along a platform or shooting enemies; it’s all about parkour and clever thinking to make it to the exit door of the level while avoiding obstacles that can blow your little ninja into a pile of sticks.

Be sure to listen to our podcast about our real thoughts on N++!

Also here at Family Gamer Review we are proud to award N++ with our Special Needs Family Favorite award as well as our Family Favorite Game Award!


  • Easy learning curve for new gamers to play the game.
  • Very addictive and fun gameplay.
  • Fantastic soundtrack that goes well with the game.
  • Controls are very responsive and easy to use.
  • Both co-op and multiplayer modes are fun to play.
  • Lots of custom levels that will keep you busy.


  • Some later levels can be real challenging, but the game is not punishing.


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