Hue is a wonderful puzzle/platformer hybrid game that should not be missed.  This is one of those must have games in your digital library and Camille and I will showcase this on our live Twitch broadcast.  Tune in and see why we gave this game a 9.5 and why this is such a family and special needs friendly game.

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This is the VOD of day 16 of our Light it Up Blue 30 days challenge. Hue, a wonderful puzzle/platform game for the whole family. Watch our broadcast and see why this is a great choice for your gaming family.

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  • Fantastic Visuals
  • Great Use Of Colors To Solve Puzzles
  • Sound and Visuals Fit The Style Of The Game
  • Controls Are Easy To Learn And Use
  • A Nice Mellow Soundtrack


  • Can Get Harder In Later Levels


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