Video Reviews

Typoman: Revised Videos

Watch our review of Typoman: Revised and see why this is a great family friendly game to have in your digital library.  See how a mixture of platformi...[Read More]

Sniper Elite 4 Videos

Read our review of the hit sequel on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One that is Sniper Elite 4.  Do not let the mature rating turn you off on a great...[Read More]

Aqua Kitty UDX Videos

Watch our review of this great shooter from Tikipod.  In Aqua Kitty UDX you must protect the kittens getting milk from the bottom of the ocean.  See w...[Read More]

Rogue Stormers Videos

Watch our video review of Rogue Stormers from Black Forest Games and see why this is a good game for die hard twin stick shooter fans.

Small Radios Big Televisions Videos

Watch our video review of Small Radios, Big Televisions and see for yourself why this is a game worth having in your digital library!

The Bug Butcher Videos

The Bug Butcher is a top-down style shooter in which you are a bug exterminator that is on a space station to get rid of….well you guessed it bu...[Read More]

Stern Pinball Arcade Videos

Go back to the days of old pizzarias and arcade gameplay with Stern Pinball Arcade.  This great collection of pinball titles will make you miss going ...[Read More]

Stardust Galaxy Warriors Stellar Climax Videos

In Stardust Galaxy Warriors, Stellar Climax it is you, against the evil empire, but the evil empire does not know that you can bring up to three of yo...[Read More]

Hue Videos

We dig deeper into this fantastic puzzle/platformer that is Hue. Hue is a great game that uses colors to help you solve puzzles and with its deep stor...[Read More]

King Oddball Videos

So you are the destroyer of everything, in King Oddball this physics based puzzle game you have to go through different levels and challenges to show ...[Read More]

FreezeME Video Review

So a evil cat steals your dog and you have to go after him.  In FreezeME this unique platformer you are R and with your trust camera you take on this ...[Read More]

Dogos Dogos – Video Review

So can you take on the unfriendly skies with this great top down shooter? Well watch our video review of Dogos and see if you think that you can! &nbs...[Read More]