6180 To the Moon

6180 is about the moon going to talk to the Sun to see why it is not risen.  At its core it is a light platforming game.

General Gameplay

6180 To The Moon is a lighthearted platformer that is great for people that are new to platforming games or just want to play a relaxing game.  The Game Visuals are very basic.  With a black and white, and some basic colors, 6180 is more designed to just be very easy to see the game.  The game graphics are basic shapes and if anything, there is nothing wrong with that.  The game can be easily seen by any gamer and gamers with red/green color issues should not have any problems playing the game.  In our playtesting we did not see anything that would be offensive to any gamers.  The in-game Audio is also a chilled laid-back track.  As the game audio is also designed to be very minimum as well.  Just basic sounds and sound effects that you would hear.  There is no spoken dialog and the story is told via text from the moon talking to the other planets about what is going on with the sun.  The game is not in 5.1 but for a game like this it is not necessary.  Also, we would recommend playing the game with a headset as the in-game soundtrack is very relaxing.  In our play testing and special needs testing, we did not encounter any issues with the games audio.   Controls are very simple for the game, just the left thumb stick to move the moon and a face button on the controller to do special actions.  As the game is designed to be a more of a relaxing platformer, the controls are very tight and responsive for the game.  Also, they are very easy for anyone to pick up and play the game.  For those on the PC we recommend using a controller and for console gamers you should be fine with using the standard controller.  In our playtesting we did not encounter any issues with the games control settings or even controlling the moon, everything went well.

 “6180 To the Moon is a simple platformer, with a great story and easy to pick up and play controls. If you are looking for a relaxing game this is it!”

Family Friendly

One of the great things about 6180 To the Moon is that it is a very fun and easy to pick up and play game.  As the game is designed not to be frustrating or even hard this is one of the reasons why we recommend picking up the game, also the price.  The game is very inexpensive on both the Steam store as well Xbox One online store.  In our play testing we did not run into any issues at all, if anything the game was very fun to play for everyone.  As the easy nature for the game to be a platformer and how it is played, anyone platform fan or not was able to get into the game without any problems.  Also as a added bonus, you cannot die in the game, you can fail in the game but not die as the game is also very forgiving in its checkpoints that are set up in the game.  When playing the game, it is set up for 10 levels per planet that you visit when heading towards the sun, and then those same levels back in reverse.  There is not much challenge in the game level design, but it is designed to be a casual platformer and not a more challenging one.  The in-game music is also very relaxing and chilled so as you are playing 6180 To the Moon is gets you into a relaxing mood.  One thing about platformers are that you have to be very accurate with your jumps and movement, and where 6180 To the Moon gets right that is that if you are either new to platformers or just want a relaxing game, this is the game to get.  In our special needs game testing, we found that all our special needs gamers loved the game and that it was very easy to pick up and play.  Also, we saw during our testing that this is a great parent/child game to play as it is very easy for anyone of any skill level to play.  Our only complaint about the game was that once you beat the game that there is nothing else to do in the game.  We highly recommend picking up the game as this is one of those relaxing games to have in your digital library.


For platforming or non-platformer fans we highly recommend 6180 To the Moon as a great game to have in your digital library.  From the game, visuals, and music this is a great game to have for your family.




  • Easy platforming game for those that are new to platforming
  • A fun, upbeat soundtrack
  • A good title for parents and kids to play together
  • Basic controls that allow you to pick up and play


  • Game is short 3-5 hours


Primary game reviewer of Family Gamer Review. A loving father to two children, loving husband and avid gamer. As the primary game reviewer, my responsibilities are to make sure that the game titles that I review that I can provide the most unbiased reviews for parents and guardians out there for the game, subject matter and other items within the game. I provide the honest review for the game, not based on what the game is, but for how this would fit in for the library for the whole family to play.